Committed to the environment

Certifications, our guarantee

At TRANSPORTES DE VEHÍCULOS BOADA, S.L. we are fully committed to the environment and to complying with our quality policy in the sector of National and International Vehicle Transport by Road.

As such, we have an Integrated Management System recognised by AENOR in accordance with the standard UNE-EN-ISO 9.001:00 for QUALITY as well as UNE-EN-ISO 14001:04 for the ENVIRONMENT.

This means that the following points are always taken into consideration when carrying out our work:

  • To obtain and guarantee the quality of vehicle transport services by road, thus proving the capacity to satisfy customers’ requirements and the applicable regulatory requirements.
  • To use new cleaner technologies that are always in accordance with the applicable legislation to improve the Environmental Management System to the maximum.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction through the effective application of processes for continuous improvement and the prevention of non-compliance.

Quality and Environment Policy

We want to be competitive and in touch with our customers’ needs, as well as with the surroundings where our activities take place, therefore at TRANSPORTES DE VEHÍCULOS BOADA, S.L. our objective is to ensure that the services we provide attain the required quality level and respect for the environment.

Our principles

  • Given that customers are the focus of our work, satisfying their needs and expectations has become one of our main objectives. With quality service we will win over our customers’ loyalty and, in turn, make TRANSPORTES DE VEHÍCULOS BOADA, S.L. an increasingly strong organization.
  • Continuous improvement in the quality of services, environmental behavior and system efficacy are strategic factors in TRANSPORTES DE VEHÍCULOS BOADA, S.L., and therefore have the full backing of company Management and must of course have the support of all employees.
  • TRANSPORTES DE VEHÍCULOS BOADA, S.L., well aware of the importance of environmental protection, controls the environmental aspects that could result from undertaking our activities both in offices and in the transport of vehicles by road in order to prevent pollution.
  • We ensure at all times that legal and regulatory requirements in force are being met both in the sector of the services provided and those related to the environment, as well as other requirements that the organization complies with voluntarily.
  • We encourage continuous training, conveying the principles of quality and the environment to all those who join the company, as well as motivating participation and teamwork which allows us to meet the company’s objectives as a team.
  • The adoption of quality criteria, in relation to suppliers and subcontractors, ensuring that they comply with the principles of this policy and the guidelines in the quality and environment system, allows greater commitment to satisfying our customers’ expectations and to environmental awareness.
  • The lines of continuous improvement at TRANSPORTES DE VEHÍCULOS BOADA, S.L. are set out on the basis of this policy which defines the framework for setting objectives and milestones with regard to improvement.
  • The company management is committed to complying with requirements and continuously improve the efficiency of the integrated quality and environment management system.