Vehicle fleets

We have our own fleet of carrier trucks, which gives a more friendly and personalized service and a customer-carrier contact with no intermediaries that would slow down and make expensive the vehicle transportation.

We renew the fleet periodically with cutting-edge vehicles. Our current objective is to use the latest models from Eurolohr for our vehicles’ bodywork, thus providing us with greater load capacity.

Product Name

Technology and R&D

Our lorries have the most state-of-the-art GPS fleet positioning system. This means we know where they are at any time, if they are loading their goods, or we can even give the driver loading instructions.

For our drivers safety, our fleet tracking system gives us the possibility to make an online tracking of the tachograph (driving hours, rest hours, stops...) which involves optimal organization of work.

We have the computer system connection "EDI", the most advanced software that work with leading manufacturers in the industry: Ford, Volkswagen, Mercedes, etc...

About us

Specialists in vehicles transport from EU countries with over 25 years experience.


Certifications and quality

Fully committed to the environment and compliance of our quality policies.